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“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you really won’t get far unless you change it”

“All things are subjective, a person’s circumstances has nothing to do with”

“Coins always make sound but the currency notes are always silent?”

“Dear God, Thanks for making me special”

“Don’t be happy. I don’t really forgive people, I just pretend like it’s of and wait for my turn to destroy them.”

“Every mother on earth gave birth to child except my mother, She gave birth to legend!”

“I always arrive late at office but i make it by leaving early”

“I am single because god is busy writing the best love story for me.”

“I don’t care what people think or say about me, I was not born on this earth to please everybody”

“Your Tears express words that your heart can’t say!”

“Your own mind is your worst enemy”

“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress.”

“Words mean nothing until they’re proven and shown.”

“Without trust, most things aren’t possible”

“Without the dark, we would never see the stars.”

“Why try and be fake when being real takes less effort?”

“Trusting you is my decision. Proving me right is yours.”

“Trust takes years to gain it, but in a second it can be gone, forever.”

“True friends are there for you no matter what.”

“Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.”

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

“To become a bigger person, walk into a bigger vision”

“To be significant, you first have to be unique and different”

“Those who can’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others”

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes”

“Life becomes easier when you delete the unnecessary people from it.”

“Let go of the old you if you want to become the new you”

“Leave the person who doesn’t see your real worth”

“Learn to let go of that which you have no control over”

“Law remains long after justice flees”

“Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them”

“Know everything always works out for the best “

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”

“Keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it real”

“Just remember, behind all those clouds is always a blue sky”

“Jealousy is the nastiest character anyone can own”

“Its better to walk away, than to tolerate nonsense”

“It’s your life. don’t eat others tell you how to live it.”

“It’s only embarrassing if you care what people think”

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame”

“Every great achievement was once considered impossible”

“Every day you wake up is another blessing”

“Evaluate the people in your life. Not everyone is meant to stay”

“A moment, a single moment of true joy is more powerful than a lifetime of sorrow”

“A great artist is always before his time or behind it”

“A person true colors will always show within time. you may be fooled for the moment, but be patient and see what happens.”

“A waste of time is anything that you don’t enjoy doing, everything else is suspect.”

“Accepting many wrong persons may not effect your life but neglecting one right person will leave you broken throughout the life. That’s what we do most of the time.”

“All endings are also beginnings. we just don’t know it at the time”

“Bad times make you appreciate the good times”

“Be thankful for the difficult times. during those times you grow”

“By the time most of us have money to burn, our fire’s gone out”

“Don’t rush anything when the times is right. it’ll happen”

“Don’t wait for time. Make it”

“Don’t waste time on payback, getting even will stop you from getting ahead”

“Eventually time always runs out”

“Every great journey comes with difficult times”

“Hard times always reveal true friends”

“Hard times will always reveal true friends”

“I am the one who has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to live it”

“I don’t have a watch, I decide what time its is “

“I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger”

“If they can’t commit then it’s time to quit”

“If they really want to see you, they will make time for you”

“If you are having a hard time figuring out where you stand with someone, I suggest you start walking”

“If you really like some one there is no such thing as not having enough time for them”

“It seems like the worse the bad times are the better the good ones get”

“It was not a waste of time if learned something”


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